The coffee place for coffee people

"Iron Brew" - the café that takes industrial design and brings it to you in the form of a flavourful cup of coffee


About us

At The Iron Brew, our story began with a shared passion for quality, creativity, and a genuine love for the art of food and beverages. We embarked on a journey to blend these elements into an unforgettable dining experience that captures the essence of urban charm and culinary excellence.

What we offer:

Try a cup of coffee from our rich roster - choose between Robusta, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Brazil, Peru.

Check out our tasty Veg'n'Egg brunch sandwich!

If you happen to prefer TEA over COFFEE - we got you covered as well!

Our story

We take pride in being a place where friends gather, families bond, and individuals find solace in the company of good food and great company. Our journey is marked by the smiles of our satisfied customers, the laughter shared during lively conversations, and the moments that transform a meal into a cherished memory. The Iron Brew isn't just a cafe; it's a haven for those who seek authenticity, flavor, and a slice of the urban experience. Come, be a part of our story, and let us create lasting memories together.

Visit us @ our London location: